All dressed up in our brand new, tailor-made logo and website

Things have been changing at Dyfed Menswear!

While we had been providing the best quality clothing to our customers for more than 30 years, our brand wasn’t looking quote as well-dressed as it could.

So we decided to take some measurements and, with the help of UpriseVSI, give the Dyfed Menswear brand a modern update.

Our new logo

We’ve updated the Dyfed Menswear logo but not so much that it doesn’t recognise the long history of the business.

This is more of an evolution than a massive change. We’ve slightly altered the font of our logo but it still uses the familiar, flowing, handwritten style.

Dyfed Animation

We’ve also adjusted its colours, moving from black and gold to subtler shades of grey and bronze.

Dyfed Menswear colour palette

And we’ve created the Dyfed Menswear stamp of approval.

It demonstrates our heritage by displaying when we were established and gives a sly nod to the tools of our trade with one half of the circle representing the markings of a measuring tape.

Dyfed Menswear stamp

The brand now has its own pattern, created from the sweeping body of the ‘f’ in Dyfed.

Dyfed Menswear pattern

All of these elements now feature in the updated version of our website.

The new Dyfed Menswear Website

As you’ll see, because you’re on it right now, our website not only has a brand new look and feel but we’ve improved the way that you can use and navigate around it.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

How it looks

We’re using some of the fantastic photos of our amazing menswear to showcase just what we can offer. You might have also noticed some of the branding elements that we mentioned above.

Our new colours are on display throughout the site.

The boxes on our home page feature a nifty little animation using the sweeping Dyfed ‘f’ shape.

Home page animation

You’ll also notice that our Dyfed pattern takes pride of place on the About Us page, where you can find out all about our history, awards and the people behind the business.

How it works

While a great looking website is important, it’s vital that it offers visitors an easy way to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Our new site allows people to discover more about the business, locate their nearest store, find their perfect suit or accessory and then reserve it.

Dyfed Menswear website pattern

More information

If you want to find out the latest information about what’s going on at Dyfed Menswear, our blog has news and views on everything from wedding trends and our most recent awards.

You can also find out which Wedding Fayres we’ll be appearing at throughout the year and take a look at some of the stylish grooms that we’ve suited and booted in the Real Wedding Gallery.

Dyfed Menswear gallery page.

Want to find your nearest Dyfed Menswear store? You can do that too!

And if you need some inspiration, you can check out our latest brochure.

More selection

We offer our customers an amazing choice of suits, accessories, Welsh kilts and shoes.

The new website makes it even easier to browse through our extensive selection and highlight some of your favourites.

Once you’ve clicked into a particular item, you can choose to:

  • Reserve it and pay a deposit
  • Add it to a wishlist where you can see all of your favourites together
  • Arrange to come to one of our stores for a consultation
  • Share your choice on social media

And because the site uses a responsive website design, it means that you can get the same experience whether you’re using a laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet.

Dyfed Menswear responsive website

The Future

At Dyfed Menswear, we don’t like to keep still for too long. While our fresh, new website offers an amazing online experience, we want to constantly improve it.

That’s why, in the near future, we’ll be launching our brand new online booking system which will allow people to book a consultation directly from the website.

Feel free to explore our new site for yourself. And if you’re looking for the perfect suit to fit any occasion, get in touch today or drop into your nearest store.

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